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Lightbulb wow so much hate in so little time...

If you feel like I have wasted your time reading my posts i m sorry. Like I stated at the begining of my post " this will sound like an angry salesman talking" Excuse my spelling and the math is not incorrect. pull out ur pocket calculator and give your +- 3% which is totally accepatable margin of error. You guys that bashed my post got me totally mixed up... If you feel like you can't call a dealership bc you are fed up with sales people maybe you are looking at this the wrong way... the old A**hole sales person is always going to be there no matter what... but the problem is when you call 8 different dealers and 5 of them have A** salesman and the other 3 that agree on price and work with you to help you get into the car you want you guys come bashing on us and calling us retards... you stereo type car salesman just as salesman stereotype internet shoppers as penny pinching butt plugs that cant budge on $100 bucks... yes it is our job to make as much as we can on car sale... $500 dollars over true invoice doesnt even pay the sales person... Do as much research as you want.. my job is to get the car you want at a price we can agree on. would i rather take that slim deal or no sale at all? this is what i chose to do... I am here because most of the people on this forum wouldnt last 1 day as a car salesperson, its not always about the money its about offering something no one else has.

All for all of you from S.Cal complaining about my spelling maybe you should write me a reply in french or spanish or portuguese... if you can do so without errors then I'LL ware that donkey hat...
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