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Originally Posted by DOOMMONKEY777 View Post
So, the wheelbase is shorter, doesn't that bother you?

Also which final ratio are you goin for?
Can't say I noticed the shorter wheelbase when I drifted it for the first time last week. Just uploaded the video from that day actually:

As for the final drive ratio, I'll probably stick with stock although I do have a shorter one on the shelf that I was going to put in the 350 at some point. At the end of the day some tracks are ideal for one ratio and some are ideal for another. Whilst shorter final drive might seem better overall if you don't care about top speed (which we obviously don't in drifting), on some tracks a longer ratio might mean I can just stay in 3rd gear for the entire track instead of a shorter ratio where I'd need to keep changing between 3rd and 4th. With semi slick tyres that want to grip up whenever you're off throttle and my slow *** gear changes, I want to keep shifts to a minimum
Me drifting/crashing my 350Z and 370Z:

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