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Wow! I was going to wait till this weekend after I get ceramic tint on my 370z and post about my buying experience and post pics at the same time, but this BS from GT-R man made me post early.

What's up with GT-R man?

First, since AK370z did all this research, he may have "wasted" all this time to buy his 370z, but for the rest of us, the process is a whole lot easier and faster. So hence, AK370z's "wasted time and efforts" are actually a big gain and savings for anyone who reads his post and follows his steps.

Second, everyone knows most dealers are trying to scrape as much dinero as possible from customers, so AK370z is smart to do his negotiating on the internet from the comforts of his home instead of him having "walked in to a dealer asked to see the invoice given an offers lets say 100 over invoice." Which is really a bigger waste of time because there is no guarantee of success. I don't know about you, but I like sure things, so why not get a dealer to agree to your terms first, before you even set foot into a stealership?

Third, 3.99% offered by Penfed may go up or down, but you as a salesman and not a representative of PenFed would not know how long they are going to keep the rates as they are. By supposing that it will "only" last for 2 weeks, to a month I think is a cheap and dirty way of discouraging people from looking for better financing.

Finally, why would anyone pay over invoice? That's just stupid. I will tell everyone that any 370z can be purchased for invoice or below, way below. It just takes some research and patience. It's always an old salesman tactic to rush the customer to buy right now. It never serves the customer and only benefits the salesman.

If you ask for a 7 day option, which means that the dealer will give you 7 days to find your own financing, otherwise they will finance you at the rate that they offered. So if PenFed only takes 2 business days to approve and fedex a check to you then you have plenty of time to get your financing together, after you purchase the vehicle. you just need to ask for a finance option.

Folks do not stress out about buying a Z. It is actually really easy. Just be patient and do your research before you pull the trigger. Remember, actual dealer net cost on the Z is 4% below invoice, so for example on mine, the dealer net cost is $34,193 and change. So even with my so called "great" deal they still made $426, which is plenty.

We are not talking about purchasing a GT-R, which from what I have read, a lot of dealers are now selling for sticker, which is considered a good price. For prospective buyers, hang in there. There are deals to be had. It is very much a buyers market. Don't let the dealership smoke and mirrors fool you.

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