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Originally Posted by asht View Post
I have an Auto Roadster and thinking about getting the Stillen Supercharger kit. How much power or torque can the AT take? And is the AT electronically controlled in such a way you can reprogram it for faster gear changes ( Up and Down) ?

It’s a daily driver so mostly run in Auto mode, but for spirited driving (fast road) put it into Manila mode and use the paddles

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1.The stock Stillen kit is friendly to our auto
2.Longevity of the tranny depends mostly on your driving style
3.I'd not suggest having over 400wtq in ft-lbs if your primary concern is its longevity.
4.Line pressure can be adjusted by tuner by few extent in order to make it shifts more smoothly (but it has limits. it will fail if you go overboard)
5.Take it easy for the 5-7th gears
6.Don't trust so-called performance rebuilds

Just my two cents (a man who has blown it four times since it was boosted).
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