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It actually takes a bit of effort to not launch off too fast while stopped and to drive slowly. The gas pedal is very sensitive now especially at low speed with the base tune on a 93 octane map. I like that most of the time but it isn't good in parking lots and driveways so I am getting him to back off a little. The main difference between map 1 and 2 would be how much the gas pedal opens and closes the throttle. I'm not sure really what else he can do in regard to shifting or other things that I would notice. I would have the sport mode on map 1 shift the same as it does stock, but in comfort mode I would like it a bit slower and smoother.

Is it a bad idea to raise the redline a little? I'm thinking only 200rpm higher would help keep me in the power band when shifting without hurting reliability.

I get 4 maps right? What kind do y'all think are best to get? I've narrowed it down to sport, comfort, reduced power and anti-theft. I think a 91 octane map isn't necessary because the car can run on it anyway. It is already understood the car wouldn't be at its best on it and only something to do only when you have to. Is it required to have valet mode? I don't like it because it turns on and off differently than the other maps and is on map 8 for some odd reason.

I don't think it was a waste to get the tune done. I have only the base map done so far and there is a definite improvement across the whole rev range. $850 is kind of steep but this is something that I should enjoy everyday for 5-10 years. I don't want to leave the bluetooth dongle in because it limits key fob range to about a third of what it is normally.
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