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Originally Posted by axmea? View Post
Better to hit the clear vs the base coat. The problem with painted pin stripe is the amount of labor to take it off. Doable but soooo expensive if a pro shop handles it and too time consuming if diy. The good news is it can be taken off. Based on your photo, it was quite a good amount of paint used on the clear and if it is rushed, the paint may unnecessarily get damaged. The other thing is why someone would put THAT kind of pin striping on a Z. So much disrespect.
Originally Posted by BettyZ View Post
All the disrespect. If the prior owner left any paperwork in the Z you could prob find out where they reside...

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I agree. The Z does not need any drawn on pin striping lines or decals, the natural lines and curves of the car compliment it more than enough. But like I said the owner was an older gentleman so who knows what the hell he was thinking (if he was thinking at all).
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