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Default ISO turbo kit

Originally Posted by Sway View Post
But trolling you is so much fun

And no, I thought about boosting the Z, but it’s not worth it in my opinion.
I have enough, but I’m saving more and will buy a GTR instead, smarter decision financially imo.

And just fyi. You can’t afford to turbo your Z.
If you could, you wouldn’t be looking for cheap used kits. Just sayin’

People that say they are “trolls” are just people who bug other people... ok go buy your gtr then leave my post.

Sure it may be good for you, but for me, a 20 year old college student, insurance on a gt-r is stupid expensive. A turbo Z on the other hand is very cheap compared to the alternative. Not to mention the surplus of used parts... please leave my post. I am asking very nicely.

I’ll buy a kit today if a good deals pops up “FYI”. Your likes mean nothing to me. Some people probably just liked how you were “trolling”. If you can’t look over one sentence in a post we know who the real child is... I do my business how I want. Just go away please.

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