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Default car won't run after going thru water

I recently went through some deep water during a big storm a few weeks ago. The water was so deep that it started rolling over the hood when I hit the water, but I got out of it pretty quickly. Initially, my clutch had flash rusted to the flywheel, so my speed shop changed it out along with a new belt, tensioner, and all three idler pulleys. The strange part is that I put about 150 miles on the car once I got it back, and it was running perfectly fine until I suddenly lost power on a highway on-ramp. My foot was on the gas but the RPMs just dropped and the car died.

The car will crank and sometimes it will start for just a second or two, then it will just crank without any ignition. I can smell fuel coming from the exhaust so the engine is definitely receiving fuel. There is not water in the fuel. I also pulled all the fuses from the box in the battery bay and the one near the clutch pedal and none of them are blown. I do have an OBD scanner but it's not advanced so it's not picking up any codes, and the check engine light does come on but only with all of the other lights when the car dies (battery/ABS/etc.)

I'm probably just going to take it to the dealer, but I would like to see if there's anything at all I can do before I go down that route. All of the dealerships around the New Orleans area are not confidence-inspring whatsoever. My race shop said they would be happy to look at it, but they're backed up and Nissan would probably have the better diagnostic tools anyway. I look forward to any potential ideas.

Thanks for reading!
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