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Installed this latest offering from Ryan at RJM Performance a couple of weeks ago. Although mileage to date has been limited, it has performed flawlessly so far. I have it coupled with the stock clutch and CMAK kit from Z Speed Performance. I have tested different versions of the RJM pedal assembly as well as the RJM HD CMC over the course of the last five years, and can honestly say that this combination of Ryan's latest pedal assembly and the Tilton CMC is the best performer to date. Pedal pressure is good and pedal travel is very smooth. Absolutely no binding, resistance or springiness whatsoever ... just an extremely smooth stroke when both disengaging and engaging the clutch. It makes driving the Z a pleasure. As with earlier versions, fine tuning is possible in order to achieve the right friction point for the user. IMHO it represents an incremental improvement over earlier RJM versions and a monumental improvement over the stock pedal assembly and CMC. As with earlier versions, the design is well thought out, it is very solidly constructed, and comes with a complete set of installation instructions (including photos) as well as contact information for Ryan in case of any questions or problems. With respect to the latter point, Ryan offers great customer service and stands behind his products.
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