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Originally Posted by Cjanik View Post
I got my car before they took it to detail.

it was sooo dirty, had like an inch of dirt on it literally. I told them they could clean the windows but nothing else, so that I could drive it home.

When I went in the detail dept to do my "walkaround" even though I couldn't see **** due to the dirt, I did notice them washing and cleaning other cars and you know what they used? a BROOM!! yes, one of those freaking 2 foot wide brooms that you buy at home depot for sweeping the outdoors floor.

receipt for disaster

Hahaha!!! oh crap man! lucky you did what you did!

Well i know these guys next door almost personally! this is the 2nd car i got from them and both timees i have been dealing with the sales manager, because i work next door at toyota. But it looks like more people have opt to have the car cleaned themselves as apposed to them cleaning it. I know they dont use sweeping brooms,lol they actually use sponge's/micro fibre cloths but still. Plus my car was ordered platinum graphite or as its called in Canada carbon silver. Maybe what ill do is walk on over there and have a chat with the guys.. i just dont want to inderectly imply that they dont know how to do their job.. lol

The only fork in the road is that the car is going to come in a few weeks and it will still be freezing cold here. so washing the car myself might have to wait a few weeks.

Thanks for all the input!!
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