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Most dealerships will probably won't give you this options due to the fact that they are graded by the manufacturer on the delivery of the vehicle. They want an "EXCELLENT" survey, and one of the questions on the survey is whether the vehicle was clean when you take delivery of the vehicle, if you say "NO", they get dinged...

so here's my advice to you if you want to take the car unwrapped and dirty: explain to your salesperson what you want to do, and tell him that you understand you may get a random customer survey from Nissan, and you will be sure to check that the vehicle is washed and is clean at delivery...and I would advise you to do just that if you get the survey, because it is their job to make sure that vehicle is spotless when you pick up your vehicle, and it's wrong for them to get a bad survey just because they did you a favor...

your salesperson and the dealership will probably not bring up the survey subject because it's frowned upon by the manufacturer, and they can get penalized for telling the customer or coaching the customer on how to do the it's your job to give them peace of mind if you decided you want them to break their rules to make you happy...
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