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Originally Posted by NorthStyle View Post
Do you like wasting money unnecessarily? Because you're about to do so. If you want to boost your Z, do it with whatever you want the end result to be even if it takes longer to save up or prepare for it initially.

Most of the single kits run $7K+ with the twin kits around $9K+. Unless you're going to install them yourself, you're going to lose quite a bit of money on paying someone to install a single kit, uninstall that kit later down the road, then install the twin kit. After that, you're going to lose thousands selling the kit used. Also, none of the kits are setup the same because they all place the turbo in a different section of the car with the exception of the twin kits but they don't use the same turbos or manifolds... So, with the exception of the clutch, fuel system (dependent on power goals), exhaust (maybe), gauges, and other supporting mods, most parts of the kits themselves aren't transferable.

I could be wrong, but it doesn't appear as if you're too familiar with our platform. You should read through some of the installs on the Member's Gallery sub-forum and do research on the individual kits. Soho is located in NC and would be a great place to contact for information, parts and installations (they have also recently released a single kit that they have been developing for a while).

I hope some of this helps.
Yeah I was getting at the transfer part- ish. I have no intention of buying and selling a kit as I dont have that kind of money to throw around like pocket change. I do however plan on saving a bit more for a kit. (Looking at that golden 500 WHP minimum) I was just asking if I could essentially "continue the work" from a single turbo to a twin; but I understand. Yes I'm quite new but I've been doing research and keeping up before I even bought my Z. Was just curious. Guess I'll call up SOHO later this fall since I wont be around until then. Thanks for the info.
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