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Default The Ultimate Drift Thread

Undoubtedly the z platform will be the new main drift platform as the 240sx becomes too old and expensive for how poor shape most of them are in.
There is a lot of info as far as 350zís go but letís get to sharing info on the 370zís

Post your set up with as much info as possible. Such as:

1. Angle mods
2. Alignment specs
3. Hydro set ups
4. Seat and steering wheel specs
5. Motor mods
6. Wheels and tires
7. Local drift spots

I will go first as I havenít seen any current info on this forum as far as what they make now.
2016 370z I got at salvage auction for 7k
Wisefab front angle kit with Ackerman kit
Waiting for BC to get back to me on a set up true coilovers.
I have a spare nameless performance hydro from my s14 but if anyone has used one they are really annoying without gloves, they have hard edges and grooves for you fingers as if you have time to grab the exact spot while needing to scrub speed. So I will most likely just get a different one I can put a bike grip on.
Need input on rear suspension arms, I run 0 camber in rear on my s chassis but not sure what you z guys think is best since it is a much heavier car.
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