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Originally Posted by cupcakez View Post
700 whp is definitely possible without a majority of these things on my theoretical build.

The only reason why I have so many 'extras' is to run 700 whp SAFELY, while not sacrificing the drive-ability and keeping it a daily driver as well.

The completed car will be tuned for Flex Fuel, but I will be running e85 for the added WHP and because well it's 'cheaper' in the short run, but I believe someone did the math and is a bit more expensive in the long run as compared to purchasing 91 octane gas all the time (my area does not offer 93 octane).

What you really want to drive it safely is an excellent suspension system, 928 super vortech upgrade for the V3 SCi trim, level 10 transmission so that your transmission has an extremely low chance of breaking at 700whp, and you could still run 700whp on a stock engine. You do not need a built engine to be honest. There are quite a few 700whp 370z on this forum (IE: OKBoostz (Evan) is one of them) who has a supercharged Z at ~700whp. I have been basing my build off of his build and done tons of research, comparisons, reading, asking of other professional aftermarket mechanics, etc.
I also base it off of CarbonZ 1000+ rwhp build, and SOHOMotorsports' Supercharged 700whp build, as well as taking into consideration the sub-10 second 370z.

OKBoostz (Evan)'s is a stock block, but has a built transmission and 928 upgrade and is running e85 or so.
You can definitely run 700whp on a supercharged Z, but to do it safely requires or is strongly recommended to have the 'extras' especially if it is a daily driver & track car at the same time.
Enlighten me!

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