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Hi Cupz, Club

Thanks for sharing your post about to build a 7AT to supercharger. I have a 2009 7AT and i have investigating also about to jump to FI. as you have done some research i want to ask you some questions.

1- did you already test your A2A SC kit from topguz? how you feel it compare against the stock stillen SC?

2- even you mention you went to SC because the cost at the end its not better a TT for the 370z?

3- in my case i want to build a low 11 sec car, i thing that the full kit should be a SC or TT, with level10 transmission kit and the 4.08 gear ratio with 305/35/19 nitto NT05R tires. with this one i expect 550wrhp. but with the same stock block. according to your research what more do i need? i see a lot of parts that maybe could not be necessary in my case.

thanks in advance for your comments and advise. i hope to start build this summer, so in my case i need to make the best choice and more i have to import all out of the states.
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