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Default [Build Thread] -- Journey to 700+ WHP [Supercharger]

Hi All.

I have been doing extensive research (including but not limited to contacting different professional aftermarket shops, professional mechanics, and tons of reading online).
This is to let you know that the item list below is not just "some random item list he put together because it looked / sounded good" ... uh. NO!
It is a list put together after tons of research and asking around for other professional opinions from all over the place (including these forums) and THEN putting it on my list of "things to get" lol.
This would also cut down a lot of the time someone else in the future that may need / want to research the same topics, but instead can take my word for it and that way they don't have to find out for themselves (yay for shortcuts lol)

I figured I would post my build thread to the community since a lot of you are indirectly helping me with it / directly helping me with it one way or another.

Also, in case someone has a similar build they are interested in, they can use this one as a base build and create their own unique build! Win/Win for both of us!

Any & All Constructive feedback / Constructive criticism / Ideas is welcome. I would love to improve this build if at all

Thanks for stopping by and reading!!


August 12th, 2017
--> Used Stock, 370z 7AT, 2015 Base Coup Model is purchased <--

October 2nd, 2017
--> Stillen Supercharger is purchased, waiver signed! <--

October 19th, 2017
--> Stillen Supercharger Kit is fully installed after 40 - 45 hours of labor <--
My buddy and I both went in blind installing this kit, just following the bare instructions provided by Stillen. A little less than half of the time was spent looking for the correct tools / parts to correctly install the kit.

January 13th, 2018
--> 3.47" Supercharger Pulley Ordered from SummitRacing <--
--> 2.85" Supercharger Pulley Ordered from SummitRacing <--
--> 9psi Pulley Ordered from ConceptZ Performance <--

January 14th, 2018
--> KW Variant 3 Coilovers Nissan 370Z is ordered through Redline360 <--

January 15th, 2018
--> Quaife LSD 1.0 ordered from Z1Motorsports <--
--> Whiteline Differential Bushings from Amazon <--
--> 3.47" Supercharger Pulley Arrives <--
--> 2.85" Supercharger Pulley returned because I researched it overspins the blower too much even with 928 upgrade <--

January 18th, 2018
--> 3.0" Supercharger Pulley Ordered from SummitRacing <--

January 19th, 2018
--> 3.0" Supercharger Pulley Arrives <--
--> 9psi Pulley Arrives <--

January 25th, 2018
--> 2.85" Supercharger Pulley Returned to SummitRacing because I found out it overspins the supercharger even with an upgraded impeller, so I decide to go with a 3.0" Supercharger Pulley which was ordered on the 18th of January, 2018. <--

January 26 - 27th, 2018
--> KW V3 is installed <--

January 31st, 2018
--> Custom Exhaust Piping installed by Muffler Tech of Sacramento:
(x1) Resonated X-Pipe
(x1) Magnaflow Muffler
(x2) Exhaust Pipes
(x2) Stainless Steel tips <--

February 02, 2018
--> Whiteline Diff. Bushings & Quaife Limited Slip Differential is installed by Jaw's Gear & Axle of Sacramento <--

February 02, 2018
--> Vehicle breaks down -- diagnosis from Nissan:
"Oili and coolant coming from under. VEH - battery dead; Removed from gravel shield cover, parts of engine on cover, holes on both sides of block and through oil pan (lower), connecting rod protruding, engine had come apart" <-- LOL (my response)

February 06, 2018
--> Stage 3 VQ37HR Custom-Built Longblock is purchased @11.0:1 Compression Ratio from Import Parts Pro (IPP) of Texas (Kyle)

February 15th, 2018
--> 6 Quarts Royal Purple 36530-6PK HPS 5W-30 Synthetic Motor Oil with Synerlec Additive Technology from Amazon Online <--
--> (x6) NGK DILKAR8A8 Spark Plugs Ordered from Redline 360 <--

February 16th, 2018
--> OEM GTR Spark Plugs Purchased from RockAuto online<--
--> x1 Used Hr/VHR Lower Oil Pan Assembly,
x1 Z1 Motorsports High Pressure Radiator Cap ,
x1 Z1 Motorsports Gold Reflective Thermal Tape - 50' Roll
All from Z1Motorspots Online <--
--> 2 Gallons of OEM Nissan Coolant from PartsForNissan Online <--

February 20th, 2018
--> 4 Bar Omni Sensor purchased from Specialty-Z Online<--
**This is highly recommended by Sebz himself if you have TopgunZ A2A Kit**

February 21, 2018
--> I decide to pay the difference between stage 3 and 4 block of $980 and upgrade it to a stage 4 long block (Rated from 850 - 1000 whp);; The only difference is the heads package stage 2 that IPP offers on their website. <--

February 23, 2018
--> TopgunZ Air-2-Air kit is purchased. <--

February 27, 2018
--> (x6) NGK DILKAR8A8 Spark Plugs Arrive from Redline360 <--
-- NOTE: Now I have two sets of these, oops! At least now I have a fresh set to replace the 1st set with after some time --

March 01, 2018
--> Paid the difference between Stage 3 & Stage 4 ($980 USD) Long Block VQ37HR custom built; 11.0:1 Compression Ratio as per Kyle @ImportPartsPro <--
- This pushed the estimated engine date of completion to May, 2018 from Mid-April 2018
- The difference is it added the following:
Jim Wolf Technology(JWT) Exhaust Cams
JWT High RPM Valve Spring
JWT Valve Spring Shim
JWT Extended Cam Sprocket Bolts
JWT Cam Sprocket Bolt Washer
JWT Rear Camshaft Bolt
JWT Cam Bolt Seal - Copper

March 03, 2018
--> TopgunZ A2A Kit Arrives <--
- NOTE: This is separate from the QRJ Tial Blow Off Valve & Treadstone packages for those of you wondering if all comes at once or not -

March 05, 2018
--> TopgunZ Tial package arrives <--

March 06, 2018
--> TopgunZ Treadstone package arrives (26 lbs) <--
- NOTE: ~2 weeks total for whole A2A package to arrive at my house in Sacramento, CA -

March 19, 2018
--> Optima Batteries 8040-218 D35 YellowTop Dual Purpose Battery Is Purchased from Amazon <--
- NOTE: This is a Spiral-Cell technological AGM type battery, HIGHLY RECOMMENDED by a lot of Z owners / Z Mechanics -

March 29, 2018
--> (x2) DENSO Part #2349148 from RockAuto <--

March 30, 2018
--> (x6) 1050x Injector Dynamics w/ Free Plug & Play Connectors from ExtremePSI purchased<--

March 30, 2018
--> ATI Super Damper Street Crank Pulley, Stock Size 5.7", VQ35HR VQ37VHR - Nissan 350Z 370Z / Infiniti G37 Q60 from ConceptZ Performance purchased<--

March 31, 2018
--> Decided to call a few mobile mechanics around my area using Craigslist asking for a quote for isolating the Stillen Supercharger V3 SCi headunit from the vehicle so I could send it in to 928Motorsports or Vortech for upgrading the impeller & bearings. I want to knock this upgrade out while the car is dead so I don't have to take it out again when the car is living and rent a car again just to wait 2 - 3 weeks for the upgrade turnaround. Mechanic I found quoted me $150 for the job, not bad <--

April 01, 2018
--> I decide to purchase E85 Analyzer & Sensor Zeitronix Kit from a fellow user on this forum for a discounted price of 28.58% reduction in MSRP. Paying $250 for it rather than $350++. Also is a brand new kit, I could not pass this up. <--
--> I also decide to go ahead with the 928Motorsports Super-Vortech premium package upgrade for the V3 SCi head unit. I plan to isolate the head unit this Thursday morning, and then send it out to 928 by next Wed or Thursday. <--

April 03, 2018
--> OEM Denso O2 Sensors package arrives. <--

April 04, 2018
--> ATI Super Damper pulley package arrives. <--

April 05, 2018
--> A very experienced and local friendly mobile mechanic is hired to come to my house and isolate the V3 SCi blower head unit from the bracket. He takes about 2.5 hours to do so and charges $150 USD. I talk to him and find out he is also experienced in rebuilding superchargers (He's rebuilt prochargers before) for Mustangs. I also order the 928Motorsports premium package Super-Vortech upgrade parts over the phone literally right after talking to the mobile mechanic (As he's isolating the blower). He says he will take on the job for when the parts come <--
--> Zeitronix Kit Package arrives in the mail <--

April 07, 2018
--> I get a quote from the mobile mechanic I talked to on April 05, 2018 regarding the supercharger rebuild and he quotes me for about $400 USD. I think this is a very good deal because I don't need to send in my blower to the East Coast while paying hecka lot for shipping and handling to ship a heavy blower unit safely across the US, and then wait 2 weeks for them to send it back anticipating and anxiously waiting ... if it will get back to me safely or at all! <--

April 09, 2018
--> 1050x ID (Set of 6) package arrives! Ordered from ExtremePSI -- Came with FREE Plug & Play adapters! (:

April 10, 2018
--> I call 928motorsports and place an order for the SCi / SC impeller they have specially built. It cost $576 + $22 shipping = $599 total. <--

April 11, 2018
--> [928motorsports] High-speed bearings & seals package is delivered to my house <--

April 18th, 2018
--> [928motorsports] Exclusive Impeller is delivered to my house <--

April 20th, 2018
--> I have a very experienced mobile mechanic rebuild my supercharger v3 headunit. We install the Exclusive 928 Gold Impeller and decide not to install the High-Speed ceramic bearings or replace the 2 generic bearings because we thought the high speed ceramic bearings were the exact same as the ones already in there since they looked the same. <--

April 23rd, 2018
--> I decide to and place an order a closed deck short bare block with an added crank and a set of heads from RJM. They will send it to Kyle from Import Parts Pro for the engine assembly of a stage IV spec kit. Afterward, they will ship it to a local shop in my area to perform the engine swap as well as a bunch of other upgrades.

April 26th, 2018
--> I contact my mobile mechanic to set up an appointment for May 2nd, 2018 to put in the ceramic high speed bearings into the v3 SCi blower. These pieces cost $312/each if purchased straight from the Timken vendor. <-- If purchased from 928 they end up to being about $230 - $250 each depending on how you want to look at it.

April 29th, 2018
--> RJM says they will pack up my short bare closed deck with added crank & set of heads today since today is the only time he has the time to do so. He will ship it out tomorrow. <--

April 30th, 2018
--> RJM has a company called Unishippers ship it out though a palette since it is cheaper and safer -- less packages and all in one box. It ships today hopefully to get to Kyle's IPP shop by Wed, thursday latest. <--

May 1st, 2018
--> I contact RJM and they say that the packers came to pack it up and ship it out to Texas. He sends me pictures for proof which is cool. And me being paranoid and having been waiting since Feb. 2nd for a new engine...I am always expecting the worst with some paranoia. <--

May 2nd, 2018
--> I bring my V3 SCi headunit to my mobile mechanic along with the double high speed bearings. He installs them and it goes very well. I pick it up the morning of May 3rd, 2018 <--

May 3rd, 2018
--> I pick up the V3 SCi headunit with full 928 upgrades in it.
--> I contact RJM again to ask if they can provide me with the shipping receipt information with the tracking numbers and such. He provides me with them and I call these guys to check out where it is if it has been delivered or not.
--> I find out it was already delivered yesterday but to the wrong address -- so he said he will check on it tomorrow.

May 4th, 2018
--> I get an email from Kyle saying that the good news is that the package is there, but it is in his neighbor's bay.
--> Bad news he says is that they won't get in until later this afternoon.
--> I email him back saying thank you for letting me know and now I have a peace of mind that it was not stolen or anything. He emails me later today telling me that it looks like everything is still intact and looks good and that he is going to take the package, load it into his truck and take it to his machine shop where it should have been in the first place ;; ~30 minutes away from his office building.

May 12th, 2018
--> I order a set of two tires 305/35/19 spec, Mickey Thompson ET Street S/S Tires 90000024575 from <--
--> I order a set of two rims 19x10.5 from NS Wheels from to accompany the MT Tires. <--

May 14th, 2018
--> I email Kyle asking if their machine shop is still on track to finish and complete the engine and machine work by the end of this week or not -- he responds swiftly and says that he called the machine shop this morning to find out that their goal is to finish it by the end of this week / have Kyle ship it out by next Monday (May 21st) <--

May 16th, 2018
--> My tuner's buddy comes to my house to help update my current 370z ECU component to the most up to date Nissan ECU CPU for my specified model / year. This cost $20 for the update. We flash my car back to stock using the UpRev cable and lose the license as well during the process -- The license was only good until October 2018 anyways, and besides, I didn't care for Stillen tunes anyways, nor did I care for UpRev since I am planning to swap to ECUTek. <--
--> I also purchase ECUtek Bluetooth dongle & cable, and will purchase the license later on. This cost $160 + $300. The license later will cost $300 <--

May 18th, 2018
--> My tuner's buddy comes to my house once again to ROM Dump my ECU information to send into ECUTek for decryption and make it possible for them to support my specified ECU. <--
--> Kyle from Import Parts Pro (IPP) shows exemplary customer service toward me by paying extra for next-day air delivery for the bolts that RJM forgot / did not provide to go with the crankshaft that I ordered He doesn't make me pay for them either, and he could have waited 3 - 5 days for standard shipping but instead, to keep his word and to aim for the shipping date he had in mind of 05/21, he decided to have it air-mailed which I thought was really awesome on his part! <--

May 21st, 2018
--> Kyle from Import Parts Pro (IPP) finally finishes the Stage IV spec engine build using the closed deck RJM block + set of heads & crankshaft. He ships it out today, sends me the tracking information and receipts via e-mail, and all of this is expected to reach my mechanic's shop by 05/24 or 05/25 latest! <--

May 24th, 2018
--> Stage IV Block arrives at my mechanic shop in the afternoon today, safe and sound. <--

May 25th, 2018
--> My mechanic calls me and states that they strongly recommend I get a brand new timing chain kit for this high profile of a build as they have seen timing chains fail on custom built engines before and ruin the entire engine because of it, and is also one thing I Do not want to skimp out on <--
--> Brand new Nissan OEM Timing Chain Kit, VQ35HR VQ37VHR - Nissan 350Z 370Z @ ConceptZPerformance is ordered on this day with (x1) day Overnight Shipping <--

May 28th, 2018
--> #13028-0708KT -- Nissan OEM Timing Chain Kit, VQ35HR VQ37VHR - Nissan 350Z 370Z arrives at my Mechanic Shop.

June 03, 2018
--> I talk to a friend that recommends a certain idler for eliminating belt slip, so I order the part that he tells me about. <--
--> An idler timing component is ordered from [AdvancedAutoMotives]

June 04, 2018
--> Kyle from IPP displays excellent top notch customer service from a mistake on his part that occurred which was only a minor setback in the engine swap process:
--> My Mechanic says he has to call Kyle in the morning, and I'm wondering why? He said the exhaust manifolds do not fit because "The bolt pattern on the heads is wrong. It's set for 350z heads but the problem is they filled the old holes so we can't just move the studs". And yes, the fault unfortunately lies with Kyle <--

--> Idler Timing Component is shipped today <--

--> My mechanic texts me and says I need to get a replacement OEM baffle oil pan because the old one is all destroyed due to the aftermath of the blown up engine. So I order from ConceptZ and then from Z1Performance only to cancel both orders because they both call me telling me they are out of stock and would take 4 - 7 business days for them to have it in stock. No way am I going to wait that long so I decide to call up a million places (10 really, but felt like a million) before I find a place that has one in stock and ready to ship the same day I call (thankfully it was not past the cutoff date for shipping items that day from FedEx) <--

June 05, 2018
--> My mechanic calls Kyle in the morning of today and talks to him about the issue that came up yesterday. They both work it out and the solution they came up with was to "end up bringing it to the machine shop and having them drill into the head and tap new threaded holes to the bolts line up. Those heads he said most likely came out of a truck that's why the bolt pattern doesn't match. Kyle is awesome and said he would cover the costs it sounded like -- which he did <--

--> My mechanic texts me and says that there is metal scraps all over the old set of VVEL's on my blown up engine. He strongly recommends that I replace it with brand new ones or risk using the old ones with metal all over it. No question about it -- I decide to purchase new ones <--

--> Brand new pair of VVEL (RH + LH) is ordered through ConceptZPerformance with (x1) day overnight shipping

--> Brand new OEM Baffle Oil Pan #11113-EY00A is ordered through Conyers Nissan of Georgia
- I had to call 10 different places around America before I found out about this place that had this part in stock...Places like ConceptZ & Z1Performance were both out of stock as well as a bunch of other big places!!! <--

--> I ask my mechanic if there is ANYTHING ELSE I need to order that he could think of off the top of his head as far as replacing or brand new parts -- since I seem to be on an ordering parts frenzy mode -- He replies that there is nothing else he can think of since the brand new timing chain is on, we replaced both the upper and lower oil pan with used ones, and then the OEM Baffle oil pan coming in tomorrow, and as soon as the pair of VVEL's is replaced with brand new ones this coming Friday (06/08/18), then the engine is ready to go back into the car.
...I say OKAY good because I am not made of money, lol. <--

June 8th, 2018
--> My mechanic calls me and texts me telling me that I ordered the wrong ATI pulley. I ordered the one for dry sump only which is the first version they created not knowing it would not clear the dipstick. So I ordered the correct ATI pulley and will most likely end up returning or selling the dry sump only ATI pulley to someone else who needs it. <--
--> The VVEL's (RH & LH) I ordered from ConceptZPerformance was actually shipped out today instead of on the 13th like they originally told me, so it will get here on the 11th of June, 2018 along with the ATI pulley since I ordered with rush 1 day air mail shipping <--

June 11th, 2019
--> VVEL (RH & LH) pieces are delivered to my mechanic's shop today at 1:20 PM (PST).
--> The ATI pulley is also delivered at the exact same time (1:20 PM PST) to my mechanic shop.
--> Now they can continue with the engine swap and put the engine in the vehicle this week, and hopefully fire it up next week!

June 21st, 2019
--> I spend the entire day at my mechanic's shop Affinity Performance and he installs the A2A kit. We ran into a few issues but it was quickly solved with the help of TopgunZ support as well as KowKow's support. It could not have been finished without their help today. One issue we ran into was replacing the jackshaft supercharger 3.2" stock pulleys with a 3.0" and a 3.47" using the same belt. This was no beuno. It was found that custom spacers were needed as well as a slightly longer belt -- as the total area for the stock belt is fitted to about 6.4" with +/- of like .2 inches or so. We ended up taking TopgunZ advice and not using the 3.47" pulley but only using the 3.0" pulley paired with the 3.0" pulley and keeping the stock idler pulley as well. According to Topz this should bring in about 13 psi max with the full 928 upgrade package for my V3 blower as well, and the idler pulley on the serpentine side. TopgunZ said if I wanted to make more power then I would have to either take off the filter on the blower to make ~16psi or...instead of dealing with custom spacers and a new belt to make the 3.47" fit, just use a 2.85" SC pulley as well as a 3" idler pulley paired with the current 3.0" SC pulley to make more PSI. I loved that idea and I will definitely document that for future reference when I do decide to make more PSI! <--

--> The next issue we ran into was deleting the front bumper support because of the brand new intercooler that came with the kit. It was found that to put it back on we would need to modify things but I chose to just leave it off. <--

--> Issue #3: We had a question about the PCV delete and how that would affect or not affect the engine in the long run. I read on the g37 forum that the PCV delete is not healthy for the engine but there was no explanation given. My tuner said it wasn't healthy for the engine either. Maybe I will just install a special vacuum line just to circumvent the PCV delete issue, if needed at all in the future. Topz said it was fine since it was vented into the atmosphere. But I don't know, since I'm hearing all kinds of things from people I respect, I will try to do further research about this topic! <--

--> Issue #4: We found that as far as the overflow tank (reservoir tank), we have to either relocate the stock stillen SC overflow tank or use the stock stillen overflow tank and make a custom bracket for it since the tabs were deleted off for when the SC kit was initially installed. <--

--> Issue #5: Not a big one at all as soon as TopGunz supported us throughout the process with an answer to our question. Our question was how the heck do we fit the tiny filter into the tiny space on the blower??? Well, he said you put the filter on the blower AND THEN install the blower into the vehicle into the designated spot. Otherwise it is impossible to fit into that space. He also noted that each time you replace the filter, the blower needs to be removed which is fine. <--

--> As of today, there remains a few things left to do for the vehicle to be fully ready to fire up and all upgrades installed:
(1) Install Fresh O2 Sensors
(2) Install e85 Zeitronix Kit (even though I won't be using it until way later, might as well get it installed now)
(3) Replace rear tires with the MT 305/35/19 Street S/S tires! *Super Sticky & Soft compound!*
(4) Add all necessary fluids into the car (OEM Coolant, Oil, Supercharger Oil - 4oz, etc)
(5) Put the High Pressure Radiator cap on!
(6) Install 4 Bar Omni Sensor (If he didn't do that already, not sure) -- necessary for the A2A kit
(7) Hook up the battery
(8) Brand New VVEL RH & LH break in mechanical procedure since we don't have a console unit to do it for us xD

After all those things it would be fully ready to put a base tune on which will be sent to me later today / early tomorrow.
My tune is from Eugene (ByThaBay forum user).
I will keep everyone updated!!

June 22, 2018

06/22/2018 Update

As we were finishing up the last touches on the Z engine rebuild, we ran into a few issues again that I want to share in case anyone else runs into them for any reason!

(1) We had to check the transmission fluid levels to make sure they were good to go by pumping more than the maximum amount of tranny fluid into the tranny. The procedure was to pump it in, rev the engine at 1 RPM, hold it there to get it up to temperature to let the oil do its thing, and then raise the car, unplug it and let a stream of oil come out. I don't remember the exact details but we had to do this procedure about 2 - 3 times at different RPMs until the oil was leveled in there (when the liquid started to go from a smooth stream to drips).

(2) Brand New VVEL procedures! We had to splice the gray and green wires and use a multi-meter, while adjusting something on the VVELs in the engine bay (a pain lol) until the Multimeter read 500 on bank 2. (Driver side). This is only needed to be done if you do not have a console or one of those expensive machines to do it for you -- this is the proper way to set up brand new VVEL RH & LH sides. Much easier with 2 people! We had to climb on top of the car engine bay edges to reach the top middle of the engine bay where the VVELs were located lol. Very annoying and tedious! Definitely not comfortable lol.

(3) The blow off valve from TopgunZ kit is an open valve. It is not a recirculating valve. So if you are unfamiliar with these, and you start the car and see the valve open? It is perfectly normal and supposed to do that. So don't freak out like we did!! Thank you Topz for your support <3

(4) We did not put the front bumper Styrofoam back on lol. Definitely not going to fit with the A2A kit set up since there is alot of stuff in the front. We also located the BOV behind the intercooler bracket (bottom right) to fit the bumper back on because if it was in front, the bumper would not fit properly lol

(5) I put a base tune on my car from Eugene (ByThaBay). He added a special feature where if the car is running too rich or too lean, you can use the cruise control button to adjust the volumetric efficiency in real time to compensate for whatever setup you have. It makes sure that the car is running correctly when it's running. If you look at the fuel trims, and they are too far off one way or another (Above 25% or Below 25% of 100) then you need to adjust the volumetric efficiency.
This was a very cool feature that Eugene put in the tune and I have never heard of anyone or any tuner putting something like that in the way this one is. Really cool and makes me feel a ton more safer! Haha.
My car, when checked, did not have any trouble codes, misfires, or any check engine lights, none of that!! It was just running phenomenal (: Considering all the things we did to it... I'm super happy it is running simple and clean.
We made sure all the codes were on when tuning the base tune, and that nothing was disabled which should be noted as well!!

(6) We had to add more power steering fluid because when I tried to turn the steering wheel with the car on, it would be very stiff. As he added fluid I turned the wheel all the way to the right, kept there a few seconds, then all the way to the left, held it there, and repeated until it got a bit softer. Overtime it will become softer as I drive it more which is good. It is definitely an arm work out!

(7) The A/C fluid was drained when we removed the radiator and everything so this also needs to be recharged / refilled after a full engine swap. My car won't have A/C until I decide to fix it / recharge it again, lol. And it's summer! T_T

(8) The Omni 4-Bar MAP Sensor from Specialty Z installed right into the OEM slot, which was easy -- no need to weld or anything crazy like that with this.

(9) My wheels came in damaged so I called to get it returned and picked up by UPS and they will ship out another pair to me as a replacement, yay.

(10) Had to make a custom bracket for the stock overflow tank because the tabs were cut off that originally held this -- which is natural when installing the stock Stillen Kit!

*** Car has a base tune. Eugene is coming by tomorrow (June 23, 2018) afternoon / early evening to fine tune it with me and make it completely driveable. Then from there I will be logging it every time I drive it and sending him logs so he can fine-tune it and send me revisions so I can make it better and better in terms of driveability / power each time! Yay! ***

June 23rd, 2018
--> Eugene came over in the mid afternoon and we started tuning the car together in the lower RPMs. He drove it for 99% of the time because he needed to make sure everything was running correctly. I was sitting in the passenger seat and helping him tune the car as we drove it around in the hot sun with no air conditioning in the car. My part was to constantly read him the number readings for short fuel trims as he tried as best as possible to keep the numbers +/- 10% of 100%. If it ran 125s or 75's and stayed there, that meant the car was either too lean (125) or too rich (75's). <--

--> Toward the evening we ran into an issue with the supercharger leaking oil. This issue was a nightmare for me as I was losing hope and had no solution to it. It was the weekend, I didn't
want to leave it back at the shop because I had JUST gotten the car back <--

--> Long story short, we stopped tuning the car and I left the car at the shop to deal with the supercharger leak another day, and Eugene drove me back home to my house <--

June 24th, 2018
--> Sunday morning comes, I text my friend to come out and help me check out this supercharger leak and help me lift the car in the parking lot with some jack stands he had. I go out to the parking lot Sunday morning and try to find the actual cause of the issue myself while I wait for him to arrive. I also call off work today because I am so devastated I felt sick and all I could think about was this supercharger leak issue. <--

--> Friend comes by, brings his jackstands, lift, etc. And then we find out we don't need to lift the car LOL so he carried all this heavy stuff for no reason! xD We turn the tires to the very left to gain access to the drain plug to drain all of the supercharger oil out. But we don't have the tools to drain it... so we drive to the store real quick, get the tools, come back, and drain it. Then we refill it with a bit less than 4 oz. of Supercharger Oil. Start the car, rev it at 3000 RPM and hold it there looking for any leaks, and we find none. So we test drive it around for a bit and check for leaks again. None. Check under the car, we see leaks! Is it SC oil or regular engine oil? Hmmm O_O <--

--> It's around 3PM and it's time for me to go to work, so I drive the car to work since no leaks are occurring from the supercharger itself that I can see visibly. <--

June 25th - July 02, 2018
--> I drive the car up and down slopes, curves, straights, tune the car, send log files to Eugene to revise. We do about 28 revisions. Car is now running perfectly (within +/- 10 of 100%) for short fuel trims! Yay! This is for the lower RPMs! Now it is time to start tuning to the higher RPM's! Woot!<--

--> July 02, 2018, I drive down to my mechanic shop to change out the rear tires for 305/35/19 Mickey Thompson S/S street tires. I leave the front tires stock. <--

--> I find out these set of tires are fishtailing the car at the slightest turns, no good, not safe. I call my mechanic shop and tell them I need to come back because it is running unsafe at the moment and need to put the stock tires back on <--

July 3rd, 2018
--> As I am driving to the mechanic shop, I decide to step on the gas and make 7# of boost at about 60 MPH and the car spins out, loses traction in the front and I get in a minor car accident with no casualties to anyone or anything except my car, airbags, and soft tissue damage on my left hand. <--

--> Car is towed to mechanic shop, I am stuck in the hot sun while waiting for the tow truck to come <--

--> I open an Insurance claim and hope that things turn out well <--

July 4th, 2018 - July 19th, 2018
--> Insurance claim says my car is deemed total worthy. They tell me my payout will be $18k initially. Then add $3k more because they forgot to add in the current mileage of the vehicle. And add $2k more because of the aftermarket parts I had in the car from receipts I showed him = $23k ish total payout. <--

The actual rough numbers were as follows:

Insurance Payout:

Buy-Back Price:


Extended Warranty Refund:

GAP Insurance Refund:

Remaining Car Loan:

$22,200 (Car Loan Balance Left)
- $23,400 (Insurance Payout)
+ $1200 Extra = No Gap Insurance Needed, so I get back $895 from refund

$2800 (Extended Warranty Refund)
+ $1200 (Insurance Payout Extra)
$ 895 (GAP Insurance Payout)
- $4300 (Buyback Price)
$595 Extra

- I keep the vehicle
- Vehicle is all paid off
- I have an extra $595 to pocket

All this will happen in the next few weeks. Yay! I come out on top.
Now my plan is to transfer all aftermarket parts to a different body Z and continue on with my journey to 700 WHP!!

July 28th, 2018
--> I purchase a 2009, Chicane Yellow 370z from San Jose, CA. <--
--> Miles on Body & Motor / Tranny = 92k <--
--> Price: ~$15,000 after taxes, fees, etc <--
--> APR: 17% but will refinance it through my own bank in the near future <--

July 30th, 2018
--> I purchase auto insurance for this vehicle at the price of ~$203/month for 11 months and 12th month is free <--

August 1st, 2018
--> Close-up images are taken of the actual damage to the Red Z as I visit the shop <--

August 16th, 2019
--> The shop I put my red car in to fix the 4th wheel/tire and made it into a roller finished up the job and I take it back with me to my house using one of my free Tows that come with the auto insurance I have as one of the benefits <--

September 1st, 2018
--> A family friend's of mine and my other friend both help with the engine transfer from the Red Z to the Yellow Z <--

September 3rd, 2018
--> The engine from the Yellow Z and the red Z are taken out. <--

September 8th, 2018
--> The engine from the Red Z went into the body of the Yellow Z successfully, along with the transmission still attached to it as one unit <--

September 28th, 2018
--> After a lot of thought, weighing in the pros, cons, and using my audience life line (Asking a bunch of my friends for opinions), I decided to sell my first beloved car today for a total of $2350.
I sold the headlights to one customer for $600.
Then, I sold the rest of the car to someone for $1750.
He is local, and is sending a tow truck to come pick it up tonight sometime soon.

I sold it on the basis for that price + him performing labor to remove the aftermarket suspension system, the entire pumpkin differential piece, and taking out the modded fuel pump that is supposed to go with my supercharger unit system. I think that the labor + the cash he paid is more than a fair deal for me -- as it saves me and anyone who would have helped me in the future time and energy as we planned to remove those ourselves.

Although it does suck to see my first vehicle go, but I have a 2nd Z in the garage right now -- a 2009, 370z, Sport Package, 370z, 7AT body of ~92k miles.

The engine and everything in it will pretty much be brand new (<1000 miles on it).

I now have freed up space in my garage, which is a big relief and a burden off of my shoulders.
I also made a good amount of money from parting out the car / selling it, as it is one less thing I have to worry about now.

All of the aftermarket parts will be transferred to the Yellow 09 Z, as it will be my new beast of a daily driver soon. <--

September 29th
--> My friend who took up this job in the first place -- unfortunately had 3 delays which disallowed him from working on my car on Saturdays, but my other friend came on Saturdays to help me out with what he could which was very nice of him as he did not have to at all. We hook up the drive line, put the transmission mount back on, and install a brand new OEM lower oil pan with fresh liquid gasket after cleaning the previous gasket using gasket remover material and a razor blade. <--

October 2nd, 2018
--> The very same mechanic who worked on my car earlier in this timeline back in June to put everything back together -- I talked to him asking if he would be interested in working on my car in my garage since he is close by, and he agreed <--

October 3rd, 2018
--> The original mechanic comes to my house and works on it for about 3 hours -- we hook up some lines, clamp some lines up, tighten up a few things <--

October 4th, 2018
--> Original mechanic comes to my house at noon today and works on my car again for 3 - 4 hours. <--


Full Theoretical Build:

- Custom Tune:
- Eugene (ByTheBay)
Located: Concord, CA (Bay Area)
Contact: 1 (415) 830-4008 Can Text Him As Well -- Very good about that!!
Hours: All Day -- Willing to talk after hours / before hours as long as he has the time, he will respond!
EcuTek Dealer Locator: EcuTek - Find a Tuner

Eugene will be tuning my car using a combination of standard tuning practices and custom algorithms that he has specifically developed for the 3.7 platform.
He has a background in Computer Science with a Masters' Degree & has also / currently working with NASA for all kinds of things. I even looked up his name... and his name really popped up lol. I thought that was pretty neat.
He takes extremely good care of me, and is even willing to drive to me (about an hour or so away) to tune my car when it is ready to be tuned.
He takes extra care out of his day to help me understand what goes into the tuning, why it is tuned this or that way, and educates me as to what is going into my car instead of just doing it all himself without a single word of why or what anything about the tune is.
He also is willing to remotely calibrate and upgrade my ECU because I told him that my ECU is old and because he works with ECUtek, he found that Ecutek might support it but not have the new version. As a result, he calibrates the proper upgrade for my out of date firmware, which I think is also pretty cool of him.
He also has a mechanic shop in the Bay Area for anyone else living in the Bay Area / near there so if you need any work done on your car, he is able to do so!

He reached out to me, not me to him -- and that is how we first got into contact with each other.
I was originally going to get a tune by Seb in socal, like set in stone get one but I decided to give him a shot since he is closer and is willing to drive to my place to help me upgrade the ECU & tune it instead of me going to him. I thought that was really neat of him and nice to do as you probably won't find many tuners who is willing to do this type of thing!

If anyone else wants to give him a shot -- he is willing to do eTunes as well if needed (since I know not everyone lives in Northern California) lol. Just shoot him a text or email and he will get back to you!

- ($130)

- ($90 w/o shipping) OEM GTR Spark Plugs,7212

- ($650) Specialty Z VQ37VHR EcuTek ProECU Programming Kit - EcuTek Tuning - 370Z/G37

Possible to relocate MAF sensors to completely allow a tune from speed density via Ecutek and use them for primarily intake air temperature sensors?
EcuTek - Speed Density
via Ecutek tuning

And EcuTek delivers the "Specialty" for it
You just switch out the sensor and you are good to go. No additional wiring.

================================================== ================================================== =======================

- The Super-Vortech SCi Trim Upgrade for Stillen Supercharger:
SC Impeller Upgrade?
- $1265

================================================== ================================================== =======================

- Optima Batteries 8040-218 D35 YellowTop Dual Purpose Battery
- $292.99

================================================== ================================================== =======================

- TopgunZ Air-Air Conversion Kit designed specifically for Stillen Supercharger Kits
Nissan 370Z Forum - View Profile: TopgunZ
- $1750 with the open valve kit (for really great noise! Sounds like a jet!)

================================================== ================================================== =======================

- Vortech 8 Rib 3.47 Inch Supercharger Drive Pulley (Jack side) 2A038-347
- $100

- Vortech Supercharger Pulley 3.0'' (Supercharger Side) 2A038-300
- $102

- 9psi pulley (Replace the 8psi pulley that the stillen kit came with which is on jackshaft serpentine side)
- $220

- 25-071037 NAPA AUTOMOTIVE Replacement Serpentine Micro V Belt (IF NEEDED)
- $13.92
- $33.97

Get a new belt if current one does not work for any reason.

================================================== ================================================== =======================

- Carbon Fiber Rear Bumper Add-on Diffuser
- $409

================================================== ================================================== =======================

- SOHO Motorsports VHR Ported Lower Intake Manifold -- Better than OEM lower intake manifold. Comes with OEM nissan lower intake manifold gaskets as well.
Adds a little extra torque & WHP
- $600

================================================== ================================================== =======================

- Quaife Limited Slip Differential (LSD)
- $1448

- SOHO Motorsports Billet Differential Cover
- $874.98

- Whiteline Differential Bushings
- $99

- Differential Final Drive Gears Ring Pinion
- $793 for 4.36 ratio or $893 for 4.08 ratio

- Stillen Front & Rear Sway bar
- $432.78

- SPL PRO Front Upper Camber/Caster Arms 370z/G37
Adjustable Front Upper Camber / Caster Arms for 370Z and G37 | SPL Parts
- $888

- SPL Titanium Rear Camber Arms 370z/G37
Adjustable Rear Camber Arms for 370Z and G37 | SPL Parts
- $299

================================================== ================================================== =======================

- Mickey Thompson ET Street S/S Tires 90000024575 (305/35/19)
- $344.50 * 2 = $689 total for 2 back tires

275/30/19 x2 for front tires?

================================================== ================================================== =======================

(1) CJM S1.SE Fuel System, 370z
[+]10 Micron E85 & Gasoline Filter
[+] 10mm (400/450) Fuel Pump Type
[+] New FPDs & O-Rings
- $1,180.00

(2) Walbro 450/e85
[+] Pump Strainer, Pigtail, and Wiring Kit
- $203.00

(3) ID 1050x (6 of them) w/ Free Plug & Play Connectors!
- $780.00

- $285.60

================================================== ================================================== =======================

- RJM Full Transmission Package :
o Send in current 7AT transmission
o Valve body work
o 6 new steel plates
o 6 new carbon fiber plates
o Special Clutches
o Triple Disk (x3) Torque Converter

[~$5500 + $1200 TQ Converter] + [Whatever shipping costs to your place]

Forced Induction & 7AT 370z Info

================================================== ================================================== =======================

DENSO Part #2349148 -- O2 Sensors
- $119.79 each * 2,5132

================================================== ================================================== =======================

ATI Super Damper Street Crank Pulley, Stock Size 5.7", VQ35HR VQ37VHR - Nissan 350Z 370Z / Infiniti G37 Q60
- $389.00
================================================== ================================================== =======================

- $849
- Includes Torque COnverter hardware & Upgraded ARP Flex Plate

~*~ Do I still need this if I go with the RJM Transmission package + added triple disk TQ converter? ~*~

================================================== ================================================== =======================

Brian Crower BC0229U Stroker Kit Infiniti G37 VQ37HR -- Item# BC0229U-G37 ;; 4.34L Unbalanced Kit
Brian Crower BC0229U Stroker Kit Infiniti G37 VQ37HR
- $4,396.10

================================================== ================================================== =======================

- Z1 Motorsports 370z Oil Cooler Kit @ || 34 Row || Thermostatic || Yes || Setrab ||
- $663.00
*~* Recommended on top of the A2A kit *~*

================================================== ================================================== =======================

- Brand New Timing Chain Kit #13028-0708KT
- $374.00
*~* Recommended for brand new high profile custom built engines *~*

================================================== ================================================== =======================

- Brand New pair of VVELs (RH + LH)
- $560.70 Each
- Total: $1121.40
*~* Recommended for each time you replace, remove old ones, or for new / custom built engines *~*
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