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Default >>>> BC Racing 2013 Sale - FREE SHIPPING - THMotorsports <<<<

New year, new prices!!!


UPDATED 09/04/2013

*Applications Available:

-Nissan 370Z: BR & ER Type

-Spring Rate: 10k/8k

Features- The best coilover for the money, hands down!

BR Type
* 53mm Dampers (larger then the competition
* fixed cup/locking collar design (unlike cheap coilovers will not change ride heights, change camber, and wear out your tires!
* Full pillowball mounts front + rear
* 30 way adjustable
* optional rear extenders so you do not have to take out the rear seat every time to change the range on the dampers
* Clicks when you turn the damper handle so you can keep track of position
* 1 year warranty
* $95 after the 1 year and you get a replacement! no waiting 1 month and paying $250 from those other brands!!!!

ER Type

* External reservoir Mono-Tube shock design
* 30 levels of damping force adjustment, adjusts both compression and rebound separately
* Twin Piston Design
* Pillowball mounts and adjustable camber plates included (where applicable)
* Adjustable rear camber plates available
* Separate full length height adjustable
* One year warranty
* rebuildable

*PM For price as they are WAY too low to post.
*Free shipping applies to orders placed in the continental United States

Contact Luke for best price!

---Largest N/A Fortune Auto Distributor------STANCE Midwest/East Coast Distributor---
---Suspension Guru's---

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