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Originally Posted by P's_Z View Post
Ill add something different: never drive behind trucks or other large tire vehicules. Kinda sounds dumb, but believe me those wide tires lift a lot of crap from the ground and end up in our beautiful Z's.
Or just tail gating in general. I'm still lost on why people want to follow 1 car length at all times from 10-90mph, while taping their brakes every 2.5 seconds, rather than just keep a safer following distance.

I find it ironic that people who actually own fast cars drive the slowest in traffic, yet the people that own "me too" suv/cuv's enjoy being in a constant state of panic while following excessively close, all to get home 40 seconds early to watch judge judy apparently? and why isn't it that they've not figured out that if you do want to slow down, you can simply take your foot off the gas.

So the tail gating = people driving in packs on the freeways, the accordion affect because there's no room to merge, more brake pads/rotors, higher chance of an accident, road rage, and of course rock chips.

Every car I've had since a mid 90's lexus, that paint is bible paper thin, like, you can LOOK at it and it'll become pregnant with rock chips. so why roll the dice?
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