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Are you sure you're open to opinions on speakers? Sniper gave you a recommendation to choose speakers other than Kickers, yet you seem to really like them. That's fine, but why ask for recommendations on speakers when it seems like you have your mind made up?

What exactly is your budget? Saying that you're average to above average of what you would like to spend tells us little to nothing. If you can actually tell people what you're trying to spend in $$$, people can give you recommendations that will work for you.

I would recommend dropping the rear speakers and running tweeters up front. You really don't need to run the rear speakers, especially in a small car. However, if you like that rear fill, and don't care much about the highs, get some rear speakers. I personally think getting rear speakers over tweeters is a terrible choice, but it's all about personal preference. At the end of the day, it's your system. If you do plan on running components and rear speakers, you may want to look for a 6-channel amp.

I think listening to other people's systems will help you out a bunch, since it seems like you're not quite sure what you want. I would try and listen to systems at the shop doing the install for you.
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