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Default ew: ECU update

I have no idea what this update would have done. But I ran into the same thing with my Jeep. For a while there, they had another ECU update every time I took it in for service work. Typically, just small tweaks such as a change to provide slightly more power in a certain RPM range to make it bog down less when rock crawling in 4-LO.

When I had a custom tune in the Jeep, I had to remember to flash it back to factory settings before bringing it in for service each time, so their updates wouldn't fail.

Depending on how UpRev does their tune though? They might just reflash a complete tune over the top of a factory one, meaning any factory ECU update patches would be pointless. If you wanted whatever Nissan was adding, you'd need UpRev to apply the same change in a future update to THEIR tune to get it.

Originally Posted by imjello View Post
I had my Z service at the dealership on Saturday and they said they tried to do a software update on the ECU ( or ECM ).

Anyone know what the update is for? It failed and would not take the update, I assume cause I have an UpRev tune, but they blamed my aftermarket exhaust.

I checked the nissan publication site without any results

Usually tell them to not do anything extra on the car, but failed to remind them this time i guess
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