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Default Braum racing seat reviews?

Hey all, just looking to make a jump towards interior mods finally. I'm looking into a nice quality set of seats. Obviously these won't hit the grave with me but I'd like some years of use out of them. So basically it is as the title States. How many of you have Braum seats? Street or track time In them as well as like a 6 month or how ever long you've owned them review. They look really nice and have seen others do initial unboxing reviews and such. The price is being under $1000 for the pair honestly is what scares me, I don't want the trite old saying "you get what you pay for" to come back in bite me in the ***. If they are quality on the other hand....I'd like to hear current owners input. Also any pics would be cool I'm looking at the red and black venom series
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