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Originally Posted by PJ23 View Post
Wheel and tire setup seems a bit skinny, but I love the look of the car otherwise! The wrap looks amazing as well.

I know I've researched the M370 until my eyes bled, so I'd like to hear your thoughts. We're going to running the same setup pretty much(I, too, am waiting for shipment from FI,) and I'd be interested in getting your thoughts on the mod once you have everything tuned.

Good job though. Keep it up!
Unfortunately the previous owner of the wheels had them on his slammed Lexus and it required a lot of tire stretch to fit. I will be purchasing some new properly fitting tires soon. Thank you and I appreciate the feedback!

I also researched the m370 for hours&hours. The only reason I jumped the gun was I found a used manifold for a little over $400 which was much easier to justify then paying full price. I will say I have noticed an increase in torque. The car has an easier time losing traction in the 3-5k rpm range than pre-install (small but substantial enough that I strongly believe it is actually present and that I'm not just living off the placebo). I also defiantly noticed an increase in throatiness of the engine sound which I find very pleasing!

Should have her on the dyno sometime in the next few weeks and I will be sure to post the results / let you know how the numbers look
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