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Originally Posted by JARblue View Post
GTM has a terrible reputation for stealing money from customers on multiple platforms. As of late their kits are vaporware with non-existent results. Meanwhile, FI has years of proven out-of-this-world customer service and has produced a kit that blows any available GTM kit out of the water. Can you please explain how then FI is behind GTM?

As for me, I would prefer to do business with the company that I know will provide me with service (and good service at that), has the better kit, and shows integrity as well as respect towards the community by not deceiving and stealing from their customers

Check out GTM Website and what they have to offer versus FI and that is including all platforms (AWD, RWD and Manual) Including Transmissions etc.

I don't want this thread to be about who's better. Yes! we all know about GTM miscues and they definitely owe everyone an apology.
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