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Originally Posted by G37Some View Post
not everyone lives on the forums, and therfore - i'm sure they are reconciling their business debts without tweeting about every shipment going out. however, people awaiting shipments i'm sure have been contacted.

no1 from GTM made this post on the forums, it was a member.. they have a larger client base than an internet forum - just like an other business

edit;so this kit releases in 2025 right?
I never said someone from GTM made this post. It doesn't matter if they have a larger client base outside this forum. They used this forum to bait people to buy a turbo kit that was suppose to be ready to go in a certain time frame. So yes they owe this community a huge apology and need to make it right. Not post some random crap on face book. Not sure how long you have been in the VQ scene but GTM has been banned and screwed a lot of people for a long time. So to me using face book and not coming here to do the right thing just says Sam is up to his old ways.
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