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Default Where all the magic happens - 180|Custom work shop

We're actually in the process off finding a location & settling everything with our investor for an actual shop for 180|Custom, but space isn't easy to come by here in Brooklyn, we don't have huge warehouses like most shops in the middle of nowhere have.

Till then, here is where all the headlight work happens, everything else we offer (will post later) is outsourced to reputable shops or is done by us at another location.

My trained Orca Whale doing what he does best.

The desk

The couch for friends and customers - brand new from the 1980's

Work area where all the headlights are disassembled and assembled.

Work area where all the fabrication happens

Trying to keep it comfortable for ourselves till we get a new location.


Contact: (347) 821-6176 (M-F 9AM-6PM EST) EMAIL:
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