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Default Engine codes P2096 and P2098

I installed my FI CBE and HFC's the other day on my 2014 sport touring. I have the Z1 smooth tubes and K&N filters. After about 100 miles the engine codes came up saying it was too lean post cat's. The front and rear 02 sensors are working and are not lazy when I read them on my OBDPro monitor. Since the HFC's have the anti fouling tubes is this creating a dead spot in the exhaust so that the sensor is not seeing the proper changes?. The car only has 7100km's. Has anyone cut the antifouling tubes off and welded a bung to pace the sensor directly into the exhaust stream and if so did it work?. I have 4 years left on the warranty and don't want to do a tune and turn them off. I have now taken the HFC's off and reinstalled the stock cats and cleared the codes. They have not returned in over 400 km's. Is there another fix that might work to help the sensors? Thanks Terry
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