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Originally Posted by bossman View Post
why does the z look like such a tuner/ricer? like don't get me wrong.. it's a vicious car, but don't you ever wish it was a bit more elegant and refined? like for example, even the old 3 series coupe looks a bit more polished and classy.. the z just seems to overdo it.. kinda like a person eager to talk and they keep interrupting you even tho you starting talking first.
Just to parrot everybody else what looks ricer to you? I was never a fan of 350-Z's. To me they look like fat bubbles (like the Audi TT). I think the new design with the wide butt and hips give it a Porsche look and that is why it is now on my radar. There is also much talk on here about the interior being upgraded and I am hoping that it is close to Inifiniti standards.
I have not seen one in person yet as my local dealership has not received their first model yet. So far (in print and online) I see:
1) Smaller than previous car
2) Sweeter curves
3) Great power
4) Nicer interior
5) Pretty good price

The only serious negative sees to be depreciation. If all five of the above points check out in person, that would be a SWEET car to own.

And this is from a guy who did not/does not like 350Z's, Supras, S2000's, Subarus, Mitsu's, etc.

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