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Well I did it!!!!! I love all the features of the Touring model and since its an automatic I don't have to shift manually anymore.
So far first impressions are....
1) fuel gauge shows completely full now..the last indicator light on the fuel gauge of the 09 never lite up when the tank was full.
2) no more whine from the ECU thingy.....
3) lift gate now pops up with more force and doesn't have to be pressed twice like the 09.
4) the automatic transmission in this vehicle is a BEAST.
5) Bose audio is 100% better than the base stereo unit.
6) Call me crazy by it seems that the cockpit is slightly more roomer than the 09. I swear the dash is pushed back a few inches.
7) the ride seems to be smoother and quieter. I cant tell if that's cause of the stock rims or not? I had aftermarket rims on the 09 when I bought it.
8) The automatic seems to feel quicker off the line than the manual was. ????
9) The oil temperature now stays near 200 instead of 220 like the 09 Z... ?????

That's all i've noticed so far...
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