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Originally Posted by jdsto View Post
Pricing in Canada is higher than the US you will not find a car in Canada for the same price that our american friends see. If you look at US cars be wary of the history there has been problems of unscrupulous dealers bringing in cars that have been, flooded, accident write offs and returns under lemon laws etc. I did look into importing a car myself and it seems you need to be saving about 10grand to make it worth while. Brokerage, shipping, exchange rates, custom charges, conversons for things like daytime running lights, replacement of stupid things like visor stickers to bilingual all add up and kill the advantage of the lower price.

My advice take your time, there may not be a lot of cars in our market but there aren't a lot of buyers either. Do your research know the prices and what you are willing to pay and yes $22k for a 2009 with 124k KM is high.

Thank you! And i wasnt actually considering importing a z from the states because of all the hassles and by the time you get a good deal itll be the same price here in canada. I saw 2 z in autotrader which are writeoffs. The damages are just exterior( front bumper, fenders, rear bumper) is it worth it to buy a writeoff and was just planning to buy aftermarket body kit. Or are there more thing to look for? Thanks for your input

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