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Default MR Works Blacked Out Headlights

I'm in the process of returning my Z to stock for sale and I'm not exactly sure how or if this is going to work, but I figured it would be worth a shot.

Currently on my car are a set of headlights custom painted by the guys at MR Works. You can see their work here. Additionally, here is an album of the lights on my car.

The lights are painted with a flat black housing and gloss black shrouds. The amber reflector is smoked but still reflective. I also opted for the LED parking light replacement. The lights have been exactly what I was looking for! They are a good, subtle change to the car but make a big difference in the overall appearance. They produce one of those "That looks better than usual, but not sure why" kind of feelings when people first seem them. I have gotten a number of comments on them from "car guys" and randoms over the years. The craftsmanship is top notch as I have had zero issues with the paint or sealant on the housing. Marco and Ryan did a GREAT job on these, so guys if you read this -> well done, your work has stood up well over the years.

So, I'm looking to trade these for your stock light housings + cash. The Z is my DD though, so I can't be without headlights for long. If you are interested in picking these up, but are far away/out of state, I will require you send your lights to me before I send you mine. If you are in Texas or close (most of OK/LA), I would consider meeting up in some fashion to do the swap.

I'm not exactly sure how to price this, but since I have to b/c of market rules, I'm going to pick a number at $400. That may to up or down depending upon the specifics of the transaction. Like I said though, this is somewhat complicated though and I'm not exactly sure if/how this is going to workout. No going to break my heart if it doesn't happen.
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