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Originally Posted by dP3NGU1N View Post
So I asked this question about 8 months ago and I'd like to see if any new owners would be interested.

LA SGV area.

The hatch is super clean, car is garaged 95% of the time (I get lazy every once in a while and don't feel like moving 3 other cars to get to the garage at 4am.) Car is always washed with 2 bucket AND pressure washer. Optimum opticoat applied after claybar and full detail. It has a hooper-optik 30% tint on it. Regularly apply optimum car wax to it. Bottom line SUPER CLEAN HATCH.

I'm looking for a clean, non-sport hatch to trade with. I really take care of this car so I'm hoping for someone with an equal year car +- a year or so.

I have a local shop who will do the hatch swap for us so installation won't be an issue.

Also, my trunk hatch is really CLEAN. The hatch your buying was taken off my Z that was bought in February 2013, and about a month in, I did a full vinyl wrap, which protects the original paint.
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