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Originally Posted by tlr3715 View Post
The 370Z I purchased two weeks ago is my first manual car, and I'm enjoying it a whole lot, but I need some advice.

When I see a red light up ahead I've been shifting into neutral (from whatever gear I am in) taking my foot off the clutch and coasting to a stop. Then shift into first when the light turns green. My friend told me this weekend that I should be down shifting through the gears down to first before I put it in neutral, claims if I don't I could mess up my syncros. Any truth to this?
What you're doing is fine. You're on the street, not the track. Less wear on the clutch and TO bearings. You definitely don't have to run through each gear up or down.

Originally Posted by tlr3715 View Post
If there is, does that mean I should also not be skipping a gear when accelerating? I usually accelerate hard through third, then just been kicking it to sixth when I get up to speed.

I also grinded a gear for the first time going from first to second today. Thought I had the clutch pressed in as much as I usually do, but I guess not. Grinded for about a half second before I backed it off of second gear. How badly does this damage the transmission?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
A little mis-input "grind" won't do any serious damage but of course it should be avoided. You'll get smoother with practice.
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