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Originally Posted by DEpointfive0 View Post
From a metallurgy standpoint, stud replacement should be less safe. Since the studs are longer, it gives more way for the studs to bed and flex. That's just from my standpoint...

Also, once you remove your original studs, you can never put replacements in as firmly

I have bolt on ichibas, 20mm front and back, I have driven over 120mph hundreds of times and I have made plenty of high speed maneuvers with no I'll effects... I think the installation and torque specs of whatever spacers you install make the difference in safety
I agree also. I dont know of any 370z that have had this problem but I have several friends with other cars that have had their studs removed for longer ARP stud to only have them strip out the back of the hub and spin loosely when trying to remove a lugnut. Have to cut the stud out once it breaks loose form the back. Major PITA. They also were constantly removing the wheels and swaping with new ones so that could have been a factor, but still never heard of the stock ones coming loose once pressed in.
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