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Here's how I would buy a 370z.

Go in the Auto Dealership knowing the following. 1. Your credit 2. Your down payment 3. Cost of the car on Invoice value.

Go and offer them a deal. Don't negotiate one. Say, here is what i would like to offer you. I have such and such credit, and here's my downpayment and here's my offer price.


It's that simple, but yet it took me 2 hours to go through. I just didn't go into discussion or negotiaton about anything else. I just said, here's my offer. I went to three other dealerships already and just looking to see who accepts. If they don't agree, you leave. But it's about offering the right amount price.

I Live in California, and purchased the 370z in 2011. It's stick shift, sports package. no leather. No GPS. and If I remember correctly, offered 31K for the car. Anyway, the tax came close to 3grand I think, plus a few hundred for other stuff. OUT THE DOOR I PAYED 35,200 for it I belive. Which is not over priced, but also not the greatest bargain either. But was just right for me to accept. I prob. could have gotten it for 34,200, if I really tried hard enough. But it's stressfull process and wanted to take it home already.

Downpayment: $16,000
Credit rating: Excellent
APR qualified for: 3.4%
Monthly TERM: 48 Months
OTD 35,200
2011 370z Sports Backage/Silver/Stick Shift
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