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Originally Posted by SPOHN View Post
Please explain how installing the harness as you did is any different from pulling a fuse. Both cut power to the source.
I've resisted posting too much on any of these threads because I didn't want to be seen as biased. Despite what some people may think I made very little to nothing on this and really only created it when existing customers of my other kits asked if I could help. If there is no further interest in the harness I will simply just stop offering them so please don't see this as favoring one solution over another.

Anyway, to answer the question that a couple of people have asked; I did point out in the other thread what the difference was. Fritz's solution is to cut the power to the steering lock unit, my harness does exactly the same but doesn't require the harness itself to be cut. Removing the fuse is different in that it cuts the power further upstream and the one difference that I could see (doesn't mean there aren't others) is that:
  • When you pull the fuse the relay isn't activated anymore (that may not matter)
  • The feed from the relay goes to 1) The CPU (see blue arrow below) and 2) the Steering lock

So the difference is:
  • When cutting the wire (whether actually or via harness) it simply removes power from the steering lock
  • When pulling the fuse it stops power going to the relay, the CPU and the steering lock.

I have my theories of what the feed to the CPU is but they are just that, theories. I suspect that the feed to the CPU is to confirm that the relay activated and the power is going to the steering lock. When cutting the wire the CPU will still get that signal but the steering lock doesn't get the power. I know it is has been confirmed that the "pull the fuse" method doesn't throw a CEL but has anyone connected a Consult III/IV and seen if it gives any errors? I would expect the CPU to log the fact that it issued the command to activate the relay (wire above the blue arrow) but it doesn't get the feed (blue arrow) to confirm it was energized. I'm speaking from experience of what I would do if I was writing the CPU code but that doesn't mean Nissan did the same.

Again I really don't mind what solution people use, I'm just pointing out the differences as people have asked. The harness is certainly the most expensive in terms of parts at $50, but then of course it would be because we are adding something not taking something away. I do believe the harness has more pros than the other solutions and probably the only con is the cost and that was kept as cheap as possible.
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