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Thank you for the interest and the replies guys. The gains are definitely there and they are very noticeable.

NST has been the leader in sport compact pulley development for the past few years and we have many customers with Hondas, Nissans, Toyotas, Lotus, Scion, etc. Please feel free to check the following forums and you will find THOUSANDS of user reviews, comments, and feedback from our customers. You will find that these reviews have consistently been positive...

www. ScionLife .com
www. 8thCivic .com
www. Club4AG .com
www. 86garage .com
www. Houston240sx .com
www. XR-Underground .com
www. MicroImageOnline .com
www. YarisWorld .com
www. USimports .org
etc etc etc

The dyno testing was done with a 350Z HR, which I have been very clear about in the pics and info that I posted. The 370Z uses the same pulleys and is a bigger, more efficient, engine. The gains with the 370Z should be very similar, if not better.

We do not fabricate results, we don't need to. Feel free to search the forums I listed and look through the reviews that our customers have posted regarding our products, performance, and service.

Here are a few more...

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Thanks again, good luck and have fun with all your projects everyone!

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