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Originally Posted by pookienachos View Post
I already bought all the items listed by AK but there's a reminder on the Redline motor oil bottle that to allow 3000 miles... I so wanted to change to ester base but my Z is only at 400 miles... anyway, can I change oil this early? thanks in advance
Originally Posted by YamahaR6 View Post
Take a look at this:

You might want to consider to change it now
I personally wouldn't change oil at 400 miles. That's too early. Nissan recommends 3750 miles for your 1st oil change. Yes, I agree it's a bit too late. I changed around 2000 miles (1st oil change). Drove another 1800 miles on regular oil (Nissan Ester synthetic blend) Then I switched to Redline full synthetic. Please read below for some old quotes....

Originally Posted by earlier post in this thread
Originally Posted by 370Z Purist View Post

I've heard some stuff about how to change the oil in a brand new car, namely the 370Z; something like the very first oil change is 500 miles, using petroleum-based, not synthetic, oil.

Is there anything about that concerning this car?
Very good question. Nissan USA want you to take your car in for the first oil change at 3750 miles. I personally think that's way too long (for the first oil change). There are simply too many particles flowing around that can damage the internals. So, I did my first oil change at 2000 miles with regular oil at the dealer.

You should wait till at least 3000 miles before switching to synthetic (I switched at 3800 miles). Again some members here switched as early as 1200 miles but it's recommended to wait about 3000 miles.

Here's a discussion you can check out:
Does oil temp affacts to performance?

Originally Posted by another thread
Originally Posted by leepeen View Post
I already put pennzoil platinum full synthetic oil at approxi 600 miles...
With stock oil, i used to hit 240F even if i drove like a grandma...
Now, i only hit above 250F when i rev until 7000~7500rpm for sport driving.


Anyway, i got few questions....

1. Why should i wait until i hit 3000 miles for synthetic?

2. Why people recommend redline synthetic oil for 370Z?

Thx for reply...
Hey Leepeen, I have just walked outside my house (it's 2:55 AM) to get to my shed to get the Redline bottle so that I can show you the pic!

As you can see, they want you to wait at least 3,000 miles (I did around 3800. Semtex, wstar I believe did the same 4-5K miles). Even though few will say that the rings will seal properly within 20 miles of driving, but some still believe you should use factory oil to seal the rings properly and drive 3-5K miles. But there were members who changed/switched to synthetic within 1200 miles (if that makes you feel better). I am still an old school follower who follows everything by book.

I like redline because it's a good oil. They use good stuff just like Motul. But I didn't pick Motul because I don't track my car. Motul is labeled as racing oil where Redline has two different oil - one is regular synthetic (which is what I have) and the other is Racing Synthetic. Racing oils tend to lack the important detergents to keep the engine clean on daily driven cars. If you'll be tracking your car a lot (like Semtex, RCZ or Travis) go with Motul or Redline Racing oil. If you are going to drive street/highway 90% of the time go Redline Synthetic or Amsoil.

watch the video if you have time:
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