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Originally Posted by Zcon2011 View Post
Robert, Mike,
While really I appreciate the sentiment, and the kind words,

All of the failures resulting from ZCON 2011 were entirely mine-including the trophy fiasco. The fact is I personally made each of the commitments and I personally failed to keep them.

William Stokes
Chairman, 24th Annual ZCCA International Convention.
President, Coastal Z Club
ZCCA Member
Well, William...if you insist on holding yourself responsible for everything no once can stop you but I've run and attended enough major events in my life to know that one person being 100% at fault is a rare occurrence.

For my own curiosity, I'd like to know exactly what happened with the trophies in 2011...if you could PM me I'd appreciate it and in fact, we can exchange numbers by PM if you want take it totally offline. If you don't want to do that, I understand and no hard feelings.

Either way, you are a stand-up guy and I appreciate that.

Hope to see you at ZDayz!!!!!!
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