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Originally Posted by Zcon2011 View Post
Let me say this so everyone understands it as fact. The only failure within Zcon 2011 was mine, and mine alone. I made a fundamental mistake, and I accept full responsibility for it-don't put anyone in your crosshairs over the issues with 2011 but me.

William Stokes
Chairman, 24th Annual ZCCA International Convention.
ZCCA Member
Respectfully, William;

It's pretty noble of you to fall on your sword but I somehow doubt that whatever went wrong is "your fault and your fault alone'.

I'm sure you made mistakes but I doubt you were the only one who made them and whatever responsibility may be yours at least some must also belong to the sanctioning body...ZCCA Conventions (which is how they are labeled) aren't called that by accident...ZCCA will generally get the credit for what goes right and by the same token, they should get the blame for what doesn't.

In any case, let's hope 2012 goes better for those who attend.

Take care!
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