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I've had your number and I have your number and no, I don't want or need to to call you. There is nothing I need to hear and nothing you need to say that can't (or shouldn't be) available for everyone to read.

For two years you've been beating this drum about how hard it is to put on a's hard and I've never once said otherwise; it's hard just like putting on any other major convention is hard; just because someone hasn't chaired a ZCON doesn't mean they don't know what putting on a major convention entails.

As to your (and everybody else) working a job and volunteering to help...that's how most people do it;we work and we do this stuff in our spare time.

I never said you blamed MTZC specifically for the trophy fiasco but you did blame the 2010 problems in general on us (email to me dated 09/3010) because we didn't "come together" to host the eovent - if you don't think that was a blaming of and insult to MTZC then I invite you to re-read Randy's (current-co President of MTCZ) email response to you.

You can say anything you can keep spinning the trophy problem anyway you want but there is no excuse for making people wait for six months (and in some cases much longer) to get their trophies; to have it happen two conventions in a row indicates a major systemic problem.

If you don't like threads like this then FIX THE PROBLEMS and you won't have threads like this...all it would have taken for this thread to have remained buried and gathering dust would have been for the trophies for the 2011 convention to have been handed out at the convention; that this fiasco happened again isn't my fault.

As for me being toxic; what's toxic is that the problems noted in 2010 happened in the first place and then were obviously not fixed in 2011. You can call my remarks can dislike what I (and others) have said in this thread but I've said nothing that is untrue; your discomfort with what I've said is irrelevant.
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