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Originally Posted by LennyZCSD View Post
Robert the ZCCA only ran the Nashville convention, all other issues are the responsibility of the local Zclub and until you've actually put on a convention and find out how much work they are and how you have to rely on outside vendors you need to back up a bit..
No, they did not just "run" the convention in Nashville - I'm guessing that you haven't read the entire thread (understandable given its length) or you would know that there was no "local club" involved in 2010 because my (Middle Tennessee Z Club) told ZCCA over a year ahead of time that MTZC could not and would not host the convention. However, ZCCA dictated that the convention would be in Nashville anyway that makes ZCCA is wholly responsible for what went right AND what went wrong in 2010.

I've been the chairman of quite a few conventions including major narional conventions for various groups I belong to and I do know what it takes...I also know things can go wrong...I also know that when things go wrong you don't just make excuses and blame others; you take responsibility for them and then you fix the damn problem. With regards to Nashville, ZCCA has never taken responsibility and insted blamed and insulted MTZC and and then took months to get the trophies out.

I don't know what happened at Savannah but at Nashville they didn't count the votes and they also didn't have trophies at the banquet except for a few)...if I recall correctly they only handed out three or four trophies at the banquet. It's just my opinion but IMAHO there simply is no excuse for not counting votes at a car show...whatever it takes to get them counted and tallied YOU DO IT...PERIOD. I don't know if vote counting was an issue in Savannah but what is pretty claer now is that once again, trophies (or at least far from all of them) weren't there and people didn't get their trophies until months post event.

This trophy fiasco happening once is a happen two conventions in a row is beyond any excuse I can imagine. People spend a hell of a lot of money, time, effort (not to mention vacaton time) to go to these ZCCA conventiosn and prepare their cars and put them in the show...finding out the results and getting their trophies at the awards banquet is the absolute least that ZCCA can do.

As I said, I'll never again attend a ZCCA convention - there are many Z events as good or better and in some cases larger available for people to go to (not the least of which is ZAttack, ZDayZ and Z1 ZNationals, Branson ZFest and others)...I attend all of these excellent events and I suggest others do the same and and forget ZCCA and the "convention".
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