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Originally Posted by Robert_Nash View Post
You may have read the "Bitch reports" but I think you missed the main point.

No one is this thread ever implied that staging a major convention is easy but that wasn't the point and certainly not the point now...the point now is simply that there IS no rational defense for anyone to have to wait months or years to get stupid trophy from a stupid car show...NONE (even if you bold your defense).

The most rational excuses for ZCCA taking that long is either...

1)ZCCA doesn't give a s**t, or

2) ZCCA is incompetent.

I suspect it's equal measures of both 1 and 2.

Let me put it another way: In the amount of time people have been waiting for trophies an organization and trophy business could have designed the trophies from scratch, produced them all (including engraving the name of the winner given that it was done weeks/months post event) and gotten them delivered. It just doesn't take six or seven or eighteen months or more to get the job done.

I can't imagine any rational reason to explain why convention car show winners are waiting for months after the event to get their trophies and to have it happen two conventions in a row is truly beyond comprehension - two conventions in a row indicates some very serious systemic problems at ZCCA.
So, what I am saying is, get involved and straighten things out..
Like I say it's easy to complain,, I am guilty of this myself but I do get involved, for 7 years I was Newsletter Editor and or President for my club, one year I did both.. .. I am now the Chairman for Zcon 2014,,, you wanna help me?? You can handle anything you want..
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