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Originally Posted by Robert_Nash View Post
Yes...and unicorns really do exist.

I can't help but wonder how you communicated that this "member call" was going to take place; maybe it was only communicated to members that you wanted to be aware of the call. ROTFL

In any case, that is besides the pont and the POINT is why does it take THREE MONTHS POST EVENT to get some stupid trophies made and shipped out???

I've never dealt with any trophy shop that was so incompetent that it would take three weeks, let alone three months, to produce some trophies so I'm inclided to believe that the problem is not with the trophy shop (I'll let everyone deduce for themselves where the root of the problem is).
Originally Posted by Robert_Nash View Post
You are waiting on a trophy? From what ZCON; do you mean 2011 in Savannah?

No from 2010 Nashville, I know hard to believe,,,
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