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Default 2010 PW from Keesler AFB

My name is is Regan and I'm and in Tech school at Keesler AFB. I'm in the final weeks of my training for Air Traffic Control. Here is the low-down, after buying a 2009 Scion Tc and sporting her out for the past three years, I honestly couldn't see myself investing any more money for mods. The gains were not worth the price. So I decide take it to the next level. 36 months of $180 payments till she is paid off! Financed 6k because I have no credit and I figured this would be a good way to start building some. I'll be 23 with 370z title in hand Woohoo!

First mod'...front speakers (no sub, need my ears for work)...Any suggestions??? < $500.00
I researched that 6.5 components have the best fitment and sound quality for our cars, I also read that it is not worth putting speakers in the rear. If I'm wrong please feel free to correct me. Anyhow, I miss my Scion, but I have had a car modding addiction for years. So let it begin! (...again)

(I'll be able able to take some more pics on Tues.)
Btw: I've definitely been though noob status on Scion forums years back. No worries here, my flame suits on. I know most of the rules. Chyeah

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