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Default Gauging Interest: 10" Custom Subwoofer Enclosure - Spare Tire

I am gauging interest to determine if there would be enough purchasers to make it worth being a vendor. Let me know i'f you're interested!

Hey guys,

Me and my buddy (username:Haro) built some custom enclosures for ourselves and they turned out pretty sweet so we wanted to see if anyone would be interested in one.

These are made for a 10" subwoofer that replaces the spare tire and fits in that hole. Along with having a spot for the subwoofer, their is a separate shelf to mount your amplifier onto, along with a hole to feed wires through the side. We designed it with the correct dimensions for it to fit snug all around, so not bolting is required and it stays in place no matter how hard you throw your car around.

The volume of the box is 0.71 cubic inches which is ideal for most 10" subwoofers.

Were planning on making more for whoevers interested in it. Please let us know if you would like a box so we can go ahead and start producing these.

*UPDATE* We can also make boxes for 8" subwoofers

Pricing is set at $130 picked up (SoCal) and $150 shipped

Were going to take out the box and take pictures of everything tomorrow, so stay tuned for that.

Heres a picture of it installed with everything in place. Im using a 10" Rockford Fosgate Punch P3 Subwoofer and an Alpine MRP-500 Amplifier
$hit bumps hard

We plan on making the shelf for the amplifier 3 inches longer, to give more room for the amplifier, along with making the walls around the amp shorter for more air circulation.
We also plan on carpeting it in a cleaner looking way and putting grommets for the holes for the wires for everything to look nice.

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