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Originally Posted by PluckyPurcell View Post
6. NEVER sign any agreement or place any deposit/down payment until negotiations are over and the FINAL pricing including finance rate is agreed to.
Again, the dealer needs to sell you the car. The only time I have put any money up-front was when I special ordered a vehicle from the factory. Even then I only put down $500 and secured the whole deal prior to the order contingent on approval of the vehicle on delivery. The vehicle was delivered about three weeks later. Inspect, test-drive, and then signed the papers and finalized the deal.
Even this so-called "final pricing" may be subject to change depending on what kind of document you signed. I recently detailed my horror story where I had all the necessary paperwork for a final sale as described here, only to see at the bottom it said "conditional based upon lender financing". This basically made the entire deal a farce and enabled the dealer to just scrap it at their whim and re-write another.

I pounded and hammered away at both my salesman and sales manager about "is this the final price? Is this my actual monthly payment? Is there any way this will change? Have all fee's been included? I will not get any surprise "last second" bills?" I practically annoyed them to death REPEATEDLY asking these questions. One week later they call me back after I had the car and said they had to adjust the deal.
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