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Still can't believe this information is not available... I would begin an relentless campaign calling Nissan customer affairs - if it has a vin number then at the very least they know its build date. How could they not? Was their some sort of shed fire where they keep Canadian owner's records Only?

If calling Staci at the following number Nissan Consumer Affairs Ph. 1-800-647-7261 ext. 458129 doesn't work - then I would begin a writing inquiry campaign.

You can believe they are tracking data on the VIN #s due to the fact that they are under warranty and their are laws in place that they track such things for safety reports to the boards.. (trend analysis - consumer safety). As one of the first owners to obtain my information in the states it began as a tedium of demands and contiunally moving to the next higher authority - till some one stepped up to the plate and took the task on. I would suggest the same for the Canadian models.

Good Luck - DP
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