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i highly recommend the new alpine ina-w910 headunit. just had it installed myself. i plan to do a write-up eventually once i've played with it more, but here are my initial thoughts:

1. snappy. faster than the high end pioneers, and much faster than the high end kenwoods. the kenwoods are sluggish. the alpine's speed is huge for me.
2. (similar to 1) speed in navigating ipod/iphone playlists and songs. significantly faster.
3. ipod/iphone video extension was included.
4. hd radio built in.
5. sirius/xm add-on is free from crutchfield with the hu right now. i didn't install mine, but it was a nice free add.
6. price.. at 1199, it's cheaper than the high end kenwood 9980 and in the same range as the avic z130.
7. free traffic updates via nav (but see below).

1. not sure about the video codec support. it plays videos off the iphone just fine, but i haven't tried out usb video yet.
2. the nav is not good. nav is the weakness of this headunit. it just looks ugly and clunky. not sure yet how it actually performs in terms of direction-giving, etc.
3. free traffic updates are ok, but i havent gotten it to show green/red on the map or show traffic in any other useful way. maybe i'm too used to the iphone's maps.

at the price, it's a pretty sweet unit, especially with the xm/sirius unit, harness, and metra kit, and free shipping, all thrown in by crutchfield.
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