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Originally Posted by Junkman2008 View Post
First off, all clay legally sold in America is made by the same company so there's no difference between brand X and brand Y.

Second, claying will leave some amount o marring so polishing is always what follows claying.

Third, why would you need a Flex on brand new paint? A PC would be plenty for what needs to be done to that car. A Flex is way overkill. As for seeing your sealant, what are you wanting to see?
no no, I mean like putting it on I can't see if it's getting enough coverage lol... because of the paint being white.. it's not like a red or black that shows everything.

As far as the clay goes... I won't argue with you because frankly I do not know anything about where each brand is made. I know that the clay magic is much more sticky and picks up everything in half the times as mother's or meg's though.

I use the flex because it gets the job done in less than half the time as the PC. the PC has no torque and is for very small jobs with very light scratching... it's also not like I have to turn the flex all the way up so does it really matter?
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