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Originally Posted by NXTAZEE View Post
Very nice. I'm glad you are liking it. On a side note, I rubbed the paint with an old dirty microfiber rag with one spray of QD to see what would happen. Nothing happened to the paint at all. This would have marred the original paint quite a bit. So I know it is much harder than the oem paint.
From what you are saying, I guess it might be worth it since our paint marrs so easily.

If I remember correctly what I read on autopia awhile back, opticoat does get pretty hard, but I saw pics where people still swirled it like any paint after some time. I had thought "what would be the point with the prospect of potentially applying it wrong and leaving streaks that would need to be buffed out..." But if it actually makes washing the Z without marring it easier, it might be worth it.

Currently I use Optimum Opti-seal and just bought some Collinite 845 to try. I was thinking of using Blackfire Wet Diamond next year after I polish, but if I am brave enough I might use opti-coat2. Please keep us updated as to how your new opti-coating resists swirls over time.
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